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Hey folks, we've tried to include a quick start guide below. Essentially you will need

  • Gloomhaven Main module - This contains all of the tokens you would normally get in the box (outside of characters)
  • Gloomhaven Heroes - This contains all of the classes (Scoundrel / Brute / etc.)
  • Predefined scenarios (optional) - A quick setup for scenarios with enemy layouts for 2p (4p is actively being worked on, 3p will take some time to get to unless there is demand)
  • Forgotten Circles (Optional) - Contains all of the tokens from the Forgotten Circles Expansion + a copy of the Diviner Class
  • Forgotten Circles Heroes (Optional) - Contains a copy of the Diviner Class, in case you want to play the diviner outside of Forgotten Circles. You do NOT need this if you are using the Forgotten Circles expansion
  • Crimson Scales Heroes (Optional) - Contains the classes available as part of the Crimson Scales unofficial non-profit expansion ->

Gloomhaven is loaded as the main module, and other modules are loaded as extensions (Right click Gloomhaven Module -> Add Extension... -> (extension).vmdx).

Feel free to reach out to us if you see any issues / have any questions.

Much thanks to any2cards, who maintains a really good set of Gloomhaven resources:


5 player Gloomhaven:
In addition, With Gattsu's support I have released the 5 player variant of the game that my group have been playing. This variant can be used for 1 to 5 players and was initially a direct port of Gattsu's original with just Player 5 added. As a group we play the 4 player set-ups and increase the scenario difficulty by 1.
A year on, and the two variants of the module have unfortunately not kept in sync. There has been parallel development and each module now has unique differences not incorporated in the other.
For anyone who wants to use the 5 player variant, I have now uploaded the final update that my group have been playing (V4.0).
Huge thanks to Gattsu for the original legwork in getting this module up and running, and to Cephalofair Games for supporting it.

Holy cow! You just saved me a lot of time. I was going to put together a module for this but was daunted by the size of the task. Now I don't have to! :)

Thanks again -- this wasn't getting to the table enough. That will no longer be a problem.

This is an amazing effort! Well done.

So, I was wondering if the spoilers could be hidden by placing a large box over the top. Then we wouldn’t see the upcoming rooms until we walk in.

Also, could a manual be released? I don’t understand how to prepare the player deck, put the player piece on the board, etc...

Thanks! John Hildebrand (talk)

Getting Started

  • [Download Vassal](
  • [Download Gloomhaven module and extensions](
    • Gloomhaven_3.0.vmod
    • Gloomhaven_Heroes_3.0.vmdx
    • Gloomhaven_Scenarios_3.0.vmdx
    • Gloomhaven_Forgotten_Circles_3.0.vmdx (optional)
  • Move downloaded files into a folder
  • Open Vassal and add Gloomhaven Module: `File -> Open Module -> Gloomhaven_3.0.vmod
  • Close setup wizard if it opens up
  • Add extensions: Right click Gloomhaven Module -> Add Extension... -> (extension).vmdx
  • Double click Gloomhaven Module to open setup wizard, look for a game online
  • Click third button with two arrows (or hit alt+s) to show Active Games
  • Type name of your room under in "New Game" box
  • Click `File -> New Game`

Your friends can now join your room! Right click your room to lock it

  • Game Setup

Once you are in a game, here is how to set it up (you only have to do this once)

  • Character Setup
    • Click `Hero -> Setup Hero` and right click the character to set it to P#
  • Cards
    • Click `P# Hand` and then `Spread all cards` (all your L1 cards are stacked in the first slot by default)
    • Click `Hero -> Level Up` and select your class from the top
    • Find your cards, drag and drop the images onto the whitespace on your `P# Hand` board
    • The grey spaces represent the cards in your hand that you will bring to any scenario, so you can choose some of your "must have" cards to place here. Place the rest off to the side/bottom of the main 12 squares on this screen
  • Right click to add enhancements
    • Each number (1, 2, 3, 4) represents an enhancement on the Bottom or Top of your card
    • Click "Next" to scroll through different kinds of enhancements
  • Modifier Deck
    • Click `P1 Board` and drag all of the facedown modifier cards out to the empty side of the board
    • Looking at your perks, right click and remove all appropriate modifier cards
    • Click `Hero -> Level Up` and select your class from the top
    • Click `Battle Deck` and find the appropriate modifiers you need
    • Drag and drop them onto your `P1 Board`
    • Drag all modifier cards back on the modifier draw pile (they should stack neatly, facedown)
    • If you want to draw a specific modifier card, right click the deck and select `Draw specific cards`
    • If you need to find removed cards, go to `Hero -> Lost Battle Cards`. Each quadrent represents each player's lost modifier cards
  • Items

Option 1 - Keep track of which items are available in your shop

    • Go to `Hero -> Item Deck`
    • `Right Click -> Send to Available Items` all items your party has unlocked.
    • Click `Hero -> Available Items`

Option 2 (easier) - Make all items available on Vassal

    • `Hero -> Item Repo` and drag all items into first slot
    • Click `Hero -> Item Deck`

With either option you choose

    • Find the items you are looking for, right click `P# Item`
    • Click `P# Board`
    • All items will be stacked on top of the first slot. Drag them to other slots as appropriate
  • Play a scenario

You will have to do this every time you start a scenario

  • Scenario setup
    • Click `Predefined Scenarios` to find the scenario you are doing
    • Click `Setup Enemy Decks`
      • To set up enemies manually, go to `Dungeon -> Enemy Deck` and right click `Set up as Enemy #`
    • Click `Dungeon -> Enemy Board` and `Change Enemy Level` to appropriate level
    • You can play on the `Predefined Scenarios` page or on `Dungeon -> Dungeon Board` and create the rooms manually
    • Click `Dungeon -> Dungeon Setup`
      • Click `Tiles` and drag the first room tile onto the `Main Board` if not playing with `Predefined Scenarios`
      • Click `Token` and drag the appropriate traps, etc. onto the room tile
      • Click `Enemy Token` or `Boss Token` and drag enemies on the room tile
      • Click `Hero Token` and drag your character tokens on the room tile
    • Each player can click `Dungeon -> Battle Goals` and drag 2 battle goals to their player hand
      • Each player can return 1 to the Battle Goals stack
    • Right click each monster to set an initiative & starting HP
  • Character setup
    • Click `P1 Hand` and choose which cards you want to bring on the scenario by placing them on the grey rectangles
    • Click `Dungeon -> Dungeon Board` and move your character token to your starting position
    • Right click and set your character's initial HP
  • Play a turn
    • Each player chooses two cards to play from their hand, and drags them onto their board
    • Click `Dungeon -> Enemy Board` and drag a facedown enemy card to the discard pile
    • Resolve turn in initiative order, dragging and dropping hexes on the room tile as appropriate
    • Attacking
      • Drag a facedown attack modifier card to the discard pile to flip it over
      • Right Click and `Return to Battle Deck` to shuffle discards back into your deck
    • Resting
      • Short rest: Right click Discard pile and `Shuffle`. Drag top card to Lost pile (or take 1 Damage to lose the 2nd card)
      • Long rest: Right click Discard pile and `Draw Specific Card` to bring it to the top. Drag card to Lost pile
      • Right click `Return to Hand` and then `Spread All Cards` to reset view of your remaining hand
    • To add curses/bless/-1, click `Token -> Battle Deck Modifier`
    • To add summons, click `Token -> Summon`
    • When the turn is done, drag your two cards onto your Player Board (discard, persistent effect, or lost pile as appropriate)
    • Click `Dungeon -> Element Board` to modify elements
  • The Undo Button!

In the main console panel, on the far left hand side is an icon of an arrow doubling back on itself, this is an undo button and will undo anything you have just done in the module, such as accidentally deleted an important component, or moved all your tick marks to a different board. It is important all players in the game stop interacting with their inteface if you are trying to undo a mistake.


This information should be enough to get a basic game of Gloomhaven going on Vassal. See this [BGG thread]( for more up-to-date info