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Files (Old versions)

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Virgin_Queen_3.0.vmod Module 12.13 MB 2020-10-06 3.4.5+
Virgin_Queen_2.2.vmod Module 12.09 MB 2013-12-31 3.2.8+
Virgin_Queen_2.1.vmod Module 12.06 MB 2013-06-07 3.2.2+
Virgin_Queen_2.0.vmod Module 12.07 MB 2013-05-19 3.2.2+
Virgin_Queen_1.5.vmod Module 11.99 MB 2012-07-03 3.1.18+
Virgin_Queen_1.4.vmod Module 11.98 MB 2012-05-04 3.1.18+


Version 3.0

  • Duke of Alençon royal VP reward fixed

Version 2.2

New Features
  • Map overlay to reflect play of the Union of Arras event
  • New, simpler procedure for choosing HRE religious preference (done in player hand, read the Help)
  • Additional one-click dice rolling options
  • Removed spurious messages generated when a random treasure is given to another player
  • Fixed an issue related to removing Le Testu from play

Version 2.1

  • Corrected errors in the Tournament Scenario setup
  • Fixed several issues with automatic VP adjustments for the HRE and reporting of various marker placements (-1/+1 Card, etc) in their Bonus VP box
  • Executing Mary Queen of Scots flips the Spain/England DOW cost marker to -3 CP

Version 1.5

New Features
  • Treasures can be peeked at after being stacked with a sea captain (avoids having to take it into your hand to see what it is)
  • Added a dice button to roll 5d6 to make it quicker to do a religious conversion attempt
  • Placing an Unrest marker on a Power Card's empty key box now reminds you to adjust VPs by the appropriate amount
  • England/Protestant and Spain/France player sides have been removed--switch seats if you need access to both
  • Allied markers between major powers now auto-delete correctly when the Turn is advanced
  • Button on Cards display to take the Selim II card from the deck and give it to the Ottomans is fixed
  • Henry III "Dead" overlay now works correctly in all situations
  • "Treasure Lost!" discard action fixed on treasures
  • Location reporting of eliminated naval units now works correctly
  • Diplomatic Status display updated to reflect England ability to DOW Ireland (errata item)
  • Scottish Lords Rebel card updated to the new text (errata item)