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Dwarfstar Games was a division of Heritage USA that published microgame-sized fantasy and science fiction board wargames in the early 1980s. The games typically came with 12"x14" fold-out cardstock mapboards and 154 thin die-cut counters.

As early as 2003, most of the Dwafstar Games were property of Reaper Miniatures. Reaper has graciously granted permission for free online distribution of six of the Dwarfstar Games. The downloadable print-and-play game files are hosted at, follow the Dwarfstar web link that appears at the top of this page.

In addition, Star Smuggler was authorized for free online distribution by designer Dennis Sustare.

Dragon Rage was republished by designer Lewis Pulsipher in conjunction with Flatlined Games. It is the sole Dwarfstar Game that is not available for free authorized download, at the request of the designer.

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