Module:Amateurs to Arms!

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Publisher Clash of Arms Games Era Napoleonic
Year 2012 Topic War of 1812
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length 2 1/2 Hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
AtA_1-4-5.vmod Module 16.97 MB 8/12/13 3.2.11

Module Information

Maintainer Rob Doane


Fixes in v1.4.5

  • Removed option to draw specific cards from deck
  • Belligerent tribe markers now automatically move peace track markers when flipped to defeated side
  • Blockade markers now automatically move peace track markers when flipped to full blockade side
  • Leaders brought in by card play given menu option to be returned to force pool

Fixes in v1.4.3

  • Duplicate Cochrane counter removed
  • Wellington counter now moves British peace tracker marker if he is killed
  • Napoleon cards advance marker when played by either side
  • "Send to battle board" button now works with leaders as well as ships
  • Customized die added to aid in selection of random cards/units when needed

Fixes in v1.4.2

  • Naval units now appear face up to owning player and face down to opponent when on naval port display
  • Corrected problem with cards not masking/unmasking properly
  • "Battle Board" button on port displays now works correctly
  • Corrected problems with eliminated leaders and units not going to the correct window
  • Added missing Chateaguy area to map
  • Fort markers now have decrease as well as increase option

Screen Shots


  • Rob Doane
  • rddfxx
  • Kevin Rohrer