Module:Kingdom of Heaven: The Crusader States 1097-1291

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Publisher Multi-Man Publishing Era Medieval
Year 2012 Topic The Crusades
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Medium Series International Games Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Kingdom_of_Heaven_1.4.1.vmod Module 12.35 MB 2020-12-25 3.4.11+
KingdomOfHeaven_1.4.vmod Module 12.19 MB 2013-06-25 3.2.2+
KingdomOfHeaven_1.3.vmod Module 12.14 MB 2012-08-22 3.1.18+

Module Information

Maintainer JoelCFC25
Contributors Gabriele Callari


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Before you start, please read "How to Use This Module" in the Help menu after opening the module!

NOTE: This module DOES NOT automatically track VPs, nor does it enforce rules. Players need to know the rules and apply them correctly. You will need to refer to the Scenario Book to make any required post-setup adjustments or player choices called for (Scenarios A, D, E, F, and G).

Version 1.4.1

  • Module now requires VASSAL 3.4.11 or newer
  • Added zoom on mouse over for cards on the map

Version 1.4

  • Module now requires VASSAL 3.2.2 or newer
  • Added a button to each player hand that does a random discard
  • Added a Hand Count display to show number of cards in each player's hand

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  • JoelCFC25
  • Rick Galli
  • Stefanos Pallas
  • Kevin Rohrer