Module:The Third World War

From Vassal
Publisher Game Designers Workshop Era Modern Warfare
Year 1984 Topic The Cold War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Strategic
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
GDW_Third_World_War_V3.vmod Module 14.43 MB 06-4-2015 3.2.15 John Rainey
TTWW_SouthernFront_Ext.vmdx Extension 21.59 MB 06-4-2015 3.2.15 John Rainey
TTWW_ArticFront_Ext.vmdx Extension 15.74 MB 06-4-2015 3.2.15 John Rainey
TTWW_PersianGulf_Ext.vmdx Extension 8.04 MB 06-4-2015 3.2.15 John Rainey
InstructionsforModule.pdf PDF 102 KB 07-01-2014 3.2.15 John Rainey
ThirdWW 1_65_b8.vmod Module 4.08 MB unknown unknown jtcourtne
TWW_1_64.ZIP Module 4 MB unknown unknown jtcourtne


5-13-2016 Loaded new version of the PG extension. New map fixes the missing Wilderness terrain.

6-4-2015 Loaded new version of main module and all extension. Used to Vassal menu system to streamline the main menu bar. Much more organized. Added a 9th step to Strike makers. Added missing units in PG. FOUND the missing swamps for the PG map. Various fixes.

9-15-2014 Loaded tweaked versions of all four files. Updates include adding a missed port on the SF Map. Adding a Terrain Key. Fixing one of the Oman Neutrality chits and tinkering with various zone levels and starting points for the maps and air displays.

Version 3 uses the artwork from the TTWW group. Created by Steve Ford. Lots of work went into the art. The members of the Yahoo TTWW group helped with correcting the artwork and with playtesting the modules and extensions. Any mistakes are mine.

PLEASE down load the how to use PDF. It will help with the various functions and buttons in the module.

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