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Hello, I'm a long time gamer and wargamer. You'll find me in all sorts of places across the web.

I started using VASL way back in the dim times (1997?), and have naturally hung around during the growth of Vassal, which is currently one of my favorite ways to waste time. :) I have created a couple modules, and contributed to a couple others, and have thoughts on some more. Here's what I'm involved in:


  • Current Version: 0.4
This module handles all the small, or card scenarios. There is a separate module that handles everything; this is the 1.0/1.1 set. The developer on it talked to GMT first, so it got regarded as the Official module. I have thoughts on a "framework" module for the entire series that might get around the problems with the two big modules. However, I keep running into basic issues I can't solve.
  • Current Version: 2.0
To do: 2.1 has some new features, but I need to get all of Tactical Ops added.
There's the starts of extension for the Carnivons and the Paravians, which need setups, etc done. I also need to see if I can get the Romulan Civil War in there too.
You can contact me directly for the current working version.
  • Current Version: 1.0
The pocket box games are really underrepresented for modules. The basics of this one were simple enough, but I put in a chart to keep track of all the current stats instead of always looking it up on the Conversion Table.
  • Current Version: 1.0.6
I took this over from the original module creator. I was unhappy with some of how it worked (like using shift-commands on the counters), so I worked up my own version and proposed it to him. Hopefully, everyone else will think it's at least no worse than the original.
To do: We're down to polish, and the emergency fixes are done. No known issues left until 2nd Ed comes out.


I contributed the 2.2 version of the 3rd Edition module. It fixed a problem where the turn tracker gave the wrong impulse order, and actually set up some of the mid-war scenarios (they had just existed as empty setup files before...).
There were a few glitches with this module. Notably, the city Militia is non-stackable, and disappears if anything is stacked on top of it. Also, there's no Scattered marker in the module. I threw a few ideas at the module owner a couple years ago, and he allowed they were good ideas, and he'd do something about it if he ever got back to it. I then did my proposed fixes on my own, and have now posted the resulting module here.
I created the 1.3 update, which fixed a couple indirect fire units not having 'fired' states, and have the German engineers go straight to dug in, plus some other minor bits. Oh, and a proper die roll button for the Fire Control optional rule. There's some more that could use doing, but I don't intend to really take apart the module to do any more.

To Do

I'd have to pull my copy out of storage first....