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Other modules I've made:

Amoeba Wars (Avalon Hill) Avalon Hill's game of galactic conquest.

Asteroid (GDW) Stop the mad computer from destroying the Earth! Includes the expansion The Revenge of the Brain! (UPDATED)

Axis and Allies 2.x (Milton Bradley) The classic game of the world at war.

Azhanti High Lightning (GDW) Combat aboard a giant Traveller starship.

Bagh Chal The national game of Tibet. Wily goats attempt to trap hungry tigers.

BattleTech - Classic (FASA) A game of armored combat--with giant robots. Includes the expansions Mech Pack 1 and Map Pack 1.

Borderlands (Eon) A game of resource management in a barbaric future.

Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century (TSR) Axis and Allies-style battles across the Solar System.

Caesar's Legions (Avalon Hill) Caesar's Gallic Wars.

Conquest of the Empire (MB) Roman versus Roman versus Roman. Includes the expansion Imperator.(UPDATED)

Dark Nebula (GDW) Interstellar war in the universe of Traveller. Uses the same game system as Imperium.

Divine Right (TSR) Fantasy kingdoms struggle for supremacy with armies, magic and artifacts. Includes the expansion Diplomatic Immunity.

Dragonriders of Pern (Mayfair) Defend the planet Pern on dragonback, while scheming for domination.

Dune - Module II (Avalon Hill) Control the planet Arrakis! Includes the expansions The Duel and Spice Harvest.

Dune Adventure Game (Parker Brothers) Intrigue and backstabbing, in the 1984 movie tie-in game. Includes the expansions Blades of Arrakis and Powers and Prophets.

Elric (Avalon Hill) War, conquest, and sorcery in the world of Michael Moorcock's doomed hero.

Escape from Altassar (Task Force Games) Break out of the galaxy's worst prison.

Fortress America 2.x (MB) In the near future, the USA battles for its life.(UPDATED)

Grav Armor (Dwarfstar) Armored combat in hostile planetary environments of the far future. Includes the expansion Onslaught.

Helltank/Helltank Destroyer (Metagaming) Tank battles in the 21st Century.

Imperium - Module II (GDW) Interstellar war in the universe of Traveller. Uses the same game system as Dark Nebula.

Knight Hawks (TSR) Spacecraft battles in the universe of Star Frontiers.

Machiavelli (Avalon Hill) Deception and diplomacy in Renaissance Italy.

Mayday (GDW) Spacecraft battles in the universe of Traveller. (UPDATED)

Melee/Wizard (Metagaming) Duels with swords and spells, from The Fantasy Trip game system. Includes the expansion Death Test.

Monopoly (Parker Brothers) You know it, you hate to admit it, you love it...Includes the expansions Stock Exchange, Speed Die, and Additional Tokens.

Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel (Target Games) Invade the Citadel and destroy the malevolent Dark Legion. Includes the rules and characters from The Brotherhood expansion.

Olympica (Metagaming) The UN battles the Webbies and their mind-control machine.

Outpost Gamma (Dwarfstar) The last stand of the Imperial Legionnaires.

Revolt on Antares (TSR) Adventure and intrigue on the planet Antares-7.(UPDATED)

Samurai (Avalon Hill) Avalon Hill's game of politics and warfare in feudal Japan.

Silent Death (ICE) Starfighter combat in the universe of Space Master.

Sky Galleons of Mars (GDW) Aerial battles in the steampunk world of Space:1889.

Snapshot (GDW) Close combat aboard Traveller starships.(UPDATED)

Stalingrad (Avalon Hill) The wargame classic about the turning point of World War II.

Starfire/Starfire II (Task Force Games) Space battleships slug it out for victory.

Starship Troopers 2.0 (Avalon Hill) Bugs, Mr Rico! Zillions of them!

Star Viking (Dwarfstar) Raiders plunder an interstellar empire.

Star Wars: Star Warriors (West End Games) Spaceship combat in the universe of Star Wars.

The Succession Wars - Module II (FASA) Strategic warfare in the universe of BattleTech.

Stratego (Milton Bradley) Capture that flag.

Supremacy (Supremacy Games) Rule the New World Order!

Titan (Avalon Hill) Fantasy monsters fight it out!

Warriors of Batak (Task Force Games) Planetary natives fight the offworld invaders.

Zombie Plague Mmm...Brains!

Additional Modules Additional modules for various games.